Dot Business Cards | Characteristics, Pros & Cons and Comparison with Popl Cards

Dot Business Cards | Characteristics, Pros & Cons and Comparison with Popl Cards

It excels at simplicity and is great for testing the technology. Dot Business cards are perfect for people who want to stay organized and easily accessible – whether working in a paper-based office or using an electronic platform like Gmail or Outlook.

A small tag holds all your contact information and social links in your dot profile. Your dot profile can be shared by tapping it on a compatible phone. When sharing your dot profile, the other person does not need anything to receive your information, no app, no accounts, nothing!

Dot Business Cards | Characteristics, Pro & Cons and Comparison with Popl Cards

What is a Dot Business card?

Business Dot cards are perfect for people who want to stay organized and easily accessible – whether working in a paper-based office or using an electronic platform like Gmail or Outlook.

Dot utilizes Near Field Communication (NFC), allowing the instant transfer of anything from your contact info to your website and social media accounts. Dot devices come from a smart business card and a dot that sticks to the back of a phone or any surface.

Characteristics of a Business Dot card:

Dot Business Cards | Characteristics, Pro & Cons and Comparison with Popl Cards

Here I am describing that dot cards are small and easy to carry around, so here are some more characteristics of dot business cards;

  • The dot card and the dot are Dot Card’s two key products.
  • The linkages to your information are stored on the dot, a little button, or a tag that you can attach to the back of your phone.
  • A dot card is the same size as a credit card and has a clear finish with little personalization.
  • A dot is a modern tag that may be applied on the back of any object or surface. To hold it in place, the reverse of it features adhesive.
  • A dot card looks similar to a high-end credit card.
  • There is a soft touch feel on the matte card.
  • The QR code’s enhanced functionality makes the dots cards compatible with any smartphone. 
  • Dots Card layout It’s sleek, and I adore the modern look you can give the back of your phone.
  • It must have a low production cost because it is one of the most reasonably priced, in my opinion.
  • The Plastics are mailable; this card has a QR code and can be twisted without breaking. If a person has a gadget that cannot read the dot card, they can still get the same formation by scanning the QR code.
  • Despite feeling cheap, the dot cards’ material is smooth and beautiful.

The interface of Dot Business Card:

The dot card aids in the development of a digital profile where you may highlight your qualifications, abilities, social media presence, etc. Most of the time, a dot card profile login is not required. It is ideal, in my opinion, for networking or job seekers. The interface’s design and goal appear to be more in line with those requirements.

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Price of Dot Business Card:

The Dot card cards are cheaper and a great first card for networking. The dot business cards are sold reasonably and will meet your budget. Dot provides products at a more affordable rate within the range of $20 to 100$. You could select the product according to your budget range. And once you purchase a Dot device, you can skip monthly fees and enjoy a life of seamless connections. I recommend the Dot device to someone between $30 to $50. It is a great device for people who want to connect to the internet reliably without paying monthly fees.

Design and Material of Dot Business Cards:

Dot Business Cards  Characteristics, Pro & Cons and Comparison with Popl Cards

The Dot business cards have a minimal and simple design, subtle dot branding, and a custom QR code on the back. Thus, much better than traditional paper cards.

Dot cards are constructed of matte-finished polycarbonate. They are ideal for marketing since they have a logo and corporate information on one side and a portrait or landscape image on the other. It is sturdy, so you don’t have to worry if you scratch it accidentally or have a lot of wear and tear.

How to make an account for Dot business cards?

Must be wondering how to make the account and get your dot business card as soon as possible. Here, I have got the best information for you people.

To use dot cards, you must first complete the following steps:

  • You must first create a dot account or dot app account; this is accessible by registering for a free trial or purchasing an already-made account from the website.
  • Visit the homepage after creating an account and select “Create Your First Dot Business Card.”
  • Enter your name, company name, location, and, if relevant, email address as basic identifying information.
  • Include your passions and abilities, which might serve as further selling factors for your cards.
  • Choose between the basic dot, spiky dot, or gradient dot patterns. Additionally, you must decide on a backdrop color and font style.
  • Include links to your Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and LinkedIn accounts.
  • Add a photo if you want to.
  • Click “Create Your Card” once you have completed all the relevant details.
  • Then it will be necessary for you to provide your payment details.
  • And Boom! your card will be prepared soon and available for order once you have finished this step.

A Dot Business card holder is also included, and it will be sent to your address. By selecting the “Manage Your Card” link on the website, you can also change the information associated with your card at any time.

Popl vs dot:

Dot Business Cards | Characteristics, Pro & Cons and Comparison with Popl Cards


Popl might be the most used and powerful virtual card, with up to 720,000 units sold and around $2.8 million in sales for its digital business card technology this year. It has all the information you need, including contact details like social media profiles or payment methods, to grow your customer base quickly without any hassle!


Dots Card has two products: the dot card and the dot. A dot is a small button or tag that you can put on the back of your phone. The matte card has a soft touch finish and comes with a q r code. The Dot card material is slick and looks nice even though it is more affordable. The Dot device comes within the range of $30 to $50.

Pros and Cons of Dot Business card;

Everything in this world has its pros and cons. It simply depends on whether we ignore the cons and focus on the pros or vice versa. Here I have come up with some of the pros and cons of dot business cards.


  • These are Ideal for use as a marketing tool, as they have logo and company information.
  • The matte finish makes them resistant to wear and tear, making them ideally durable for regular use.
  • Three different design options are available to find the perfect look for your needs.
  • Everyone wants perfect things in less time, so ordering a dot business card is easy, with payment options available.
  • Now that digital cards are commonplace, you no longer need to wait in a large line outside the bank. Dot enables you to distribute or collect payments quickly and easily with just the push of a button. You may share your PayPal, Venmo, or Cash app with just one press.
  • Introducing your business with Dot business cards can be quick and easy.
  • Dot cards can be taken with you wherever you go, making them a great choice for on-the-go use.
  • Dot business cards are affordable, making them a great option for businesses of all sizes.


  • They might have some Additional costs
  • While the range of designs is wide, certain procedures may be harder to find.
  • It has a huge variety of designs, but sometimes, it gets difficult to personalize the standard ones.
  • As dot cards are only available in limited quantities, they may not be suitable for high-volume businesses.


Dots business cards enable you to communicate with your friends and followers on LinkedIn using a single account, a website, or email. Dot is also compatible with iOS and Android and supports all devices. No additional app is needed for sharing and receiving your information. You may use it easily without making ongoing monthly payments after making a one-time purchase. Additionally, you may instantly exchange your payment information with Dot.

Due to its various benefits, dot business cards are a great option for both people and corporations. They resist tearing and have a variety of styles, making them perfect for use as marketing tools. When utilizing them, there are a few small drawbacks to consider. Dot cards are a good alternative for companies looking for high-end, reasonably-priced goods.


Is a dot business card worth it?

Yes, it is worth the pricing as it is affordable for even a small business owner.

How does a dot business card work?

A dot is a tiny tag stored in your dot profile and contains all your contact details and social media links. You can share your dot profile by tapping it on a compatible phone. No app, no account, and nothing are required for the other person to receive your information when you share your dot profile.

Is there a monthly fee for dot cards?

Profile set-up and ready to connect with your network. Is there a monthly subscription fee? No! Unlike your favorite streaming services, we here at dot don’t play hard to get.

What company owns dot cards?

Green Dot Corporation owns it.

What is a black dot card?

Featuring a premium matte finish that is both weighty and soft to the touch, the dot card provides the widest scanning capability of all our Dot devices. It comes equipped with a unique QR code on the back to ensure a foolproof connection with every smartphone on the market.

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