SegMetrics Vs Wicked Reports

SegMetrics Vs Wicked Reports

A few years ago, I was at a conference with a bunch of other marketers and salespeople. At the end of the day, we all decided to go out for a drink and catch up. During our conversation, some of them mentioned that they had been using Segmetrics and Wicked Reports for a while and that it was really effective. I didn’t know much about Segmetrics and Wicked Reports, but I wanted to find out more. So I decided to explore and found valuable information that I would love to share with you all.

SegMetrics Vs Wicked Reports

A web-based marketing analytics tool called SegMetrics was created to assist marketers in a range of sectors in understanding lifetime income from diverse traffic sources, customer spending over years or months, and leads from a single platform. While for e-commerce companies, Wicked Reports is a cross-channel, multi-touch marketing attribution tool. Analyze each paid advertising channel in-depth to learn which marketing strategies are bringing in the most sales, the best ROI, and the most successful campaigns. Utilize our Wicked Playbook insights to quickly identify and reduce wasteful ad expenditure. Here you will find everything about SegMetrics Vs Wicked Reports, so please don’t get bored!

What is SegMetrics?

In order to start talking about SegMetrics vs Wicked reports we first have to find the individuality of SegMetrcs. A web-based marketing analytics tool called SegMetrics was developed to assist marketers in a range of sectors in understanding lifetime income from diverse traffic sources, customer spending over years or months, and leads from a single platform. Advertising firms may examine different ad sources, analyze campaigns, measure sales, and obtain visibility into cost-per-acquisition for both new and existing leads by using it.

SegMetrics Vs Wicked Reports| SegMetrics Market is very vast

The software provides sophisticated lead score reporting by highlighting the most effective and ineffective marketing channels and communications. Managers can also input historical and current data, track the ROI of every lead, and recruit new customers with the help of the customer LTV module. Additionally, it offers lead monitoring and attribution capabilities that let users track new leads automatically by nation, state, and location.

Why use SegMetrics to boost your Marketing Accuracy?

What are Wicked Reports?

The next stage of SegMetrics vs Wicked reports is to find out the individuality of Wicked Reports. Data professionals created Wicked Reports, a multi-touch marketing attribution tool, to provide vital data insights for sponsored marketing initiatives. In order to identify which paid marketing initiatives are effective and which are not, e-commerce firms can use Wicked to track every stage of the customer journey, from the initial click to the final sale and every touch point in between. Users may securely alter their ad spending thanks to this.

E-commerce firms may scale with this solution without having to waste any more money on ineffective advertising thanks to its robust reporting tools for ROI, Customer cohort, and LTV. Wicked interacts with existing systems using tools like Shopify, Klaviyo, and ReCharge and works with what is currently in place.

Why Wicked Report?

Features of Segmetrics | SegMetrics Vs Wicked Reports:

Ad and Lead Generation:

Each ad click and expenditure data for a new contact is saved by it in your email or CRM system. This implies that every transaction a consumer makes can be traced back to the source of their initial visit, even if they delete their cookies or switch devices. Double attribution is eliminated with a direct connection to your marketing tools.

  • Sales, not simply lead, are what makes businesses successful, and your marketing should reflect this.
  • You won’t get any more mysterious numbers from SegMetrics. You may see who actually clicked on your advertising by looking at the list of relevant consumers and purchases in ad reports.
SegMetrics Vs Wicked Reports | Salesforce And Facebook Lead Ads

Team Dashboard:

Reports and dashboards are available for any SegMetrics data analysis. Find the cohorts and segments that will help your business by filtering and comparing every useful step in the customer journey.

  • Reports for each level of the funnel
  • Create and distribute bespoke dashboards
  • Filter by any action that is part of the Onboarding course.

Lifetime Value Tracking:

It records the whole customer journey, allowing you to calculate the lifetime value of each traffic source and marketing funnel phase. The record of a customer in your CRM or email platform is where all the information from your websites, ad platforms, and payment system is linked back to.

Utilize actual lifetime value to optimize your advertising cost.
Analyze the impact of modifications on LTV further down the funnel.
Calculate revenue received and include information on refunds and cancellations
You may view the entire marketing journey and purchase history with transparent data.

VIP Support:

Utilize our free onboarding course to master every aspect. Every trial includes a free setup call where we will double-check every link and integration because we know that having a little support makes getting started immensely easier.

  • Business or Enterprise users receive a free Kickstart Call once their data is streaming in.
  • You’ll learn how to create your ideal dashboard, how to extract insights for funnel optimization, and how to extract solutions from the data.

Funnel Optimization:

After a user enters your funnel, SegMetrics keeps all the source data about them. Then, within your email platform or CRM, this is combined with the tags, custom fields, and customer data you add to them. When combined, you can see how much each source’s users spend and even identify smaller subsets of users who take particular activities inside your funnel.

  • Find the revenue connected to every marketing endeavor, whether offline or online.
  • Compare the behavior of various cohorts at each level of the funnel.
  • Test changes’ effects on sales further down the funnel rather than merely open and clickthrough rates.
  • Check out WebinarJam, Click Funnels, Lead Pages, and other sites for touchpoint analysis.


Get marketing analytics on expanding your list, increasing conversions, and improving your marketing automation by simply integrating SegMetrics with the applications you already use. Connect all of your marketing tools right away. Connect your preferred lead generation, eCommerce, and email marketing services. All the tools you now use are gathered in one location.

Some of them are:

LinkedIn AdsHubSpotGoogle AdsLeadpages
AdWordsBingFacebookFacebook Lead Ads
PipedrivePinterest AdsPaypalQuora
Reddit AdsSalesforceShopifySnapchat Ads
YouTube Ads Yahoo DSP WordPressTwitter Ads

 Features of Wicked Reports | SegMetrics vs Wicked reports:

Optimize AD Spend:

Wicked Reports leverages attribution models and your first-party CRM and sales conversion data to show you the true worth of your advertising campaigns while automatically identifying crucial data points.

  • You can optimize ad expenditure and expand campaigns that bring in high-value customers thanks to their creative attribution frameworks.
  • You can prevent undervaluing or overvaluing marketing efforts and wasting ad spending with crucial data insights.

Cold Traffic ROI:

  • Stop making decisions about ad spending in the dark
  • Stop relying on speculation when making decisions about your advertising budget. 
  • Invest in high-ROAS campaigns that you can substantiate.
  • Ad spending is tied to real-time live conversion statistics.

Marketing Attribution Model:

In order to boost lead generation, subscriptions, and customer lifetime value, employ the marketing attribution model.

  • You may concentrate your efforts on leads with higher chances of conversion by knowing exactly where your leads are coming from.
  • The marketing attribution models from Wicked Reports can help you generate higher-quality leads, gain more subscribers, and raise the lifetime value of each lead.
SegMetrics Vs Wicked Reports | Attribution Modelling is to boost leads

Three different attribution models exist in marketing:

  • Models of attribution with laser focus
  • Attribution Model with Full Impact
  • Attribution Model with Linear Attribution

Attribution Time Windows:

For sponsored media tactics in e-commerce, attribution time windows are optimized. Similarly to that, e-commerce firms have attribution time frames built into them ( especially for subscription models). Impacts of Customer Lifetime Value Wicked Reports features simple, cutting-edge connectors that automatically track ad spend ROI.

Shouldn’t your greatest customers with the highest customer lifetime value be the foundation of your attribution reporting?

  • View the ROI impact of Google and Facebook advertisements that collect Klaviyo email options but cause Shopify and ReCharge sales conversions to take longer than expected.
  • Decide which months were the most and least profitable.
  • Utilize LTV in your strategy for acquiring customers.

Customer and Subscription Lifetime Value Attribution:

Wicked Reports links to 1st party CRM and sales data to instantly identify and attribute revenue to your most crucial conversions. Unless you can identify high-value consumers and link them to your marketing expenditure, you cannot expand your business.

  • You may evaluate the success of your marketing and sales activities by comprehending the customer journey.
  • Even after marketing campaigns have concluded, Wicked Reports uses cutting-edge attribution models to link recurring subscription revenue to your most profitable marketing clicks.
  • You’ll be able to concentrate on your most valued customers and monitor the genuine ROI of your advertising spend over time.

1st Party Data Conversions:

You can’t expand your company unless you can say for sure which of your campaigns are generating sales.

  • You can trust the reliable conversion data tracking provided by Wicked Reports.
  • Wicked Reports integrates to 1st party CRM and sales data to identify your most critical conversions and instantly assign revenue to them.
  • You may concentrate your marketing efforts on the channels that generate the most quality leads over time by knowing the customer’s lifetime value.

Wicked Insights and Playbook:

Data collection is just the beginning. You need to know how to use the facts you’ve gathered to take appropriate action. Wicked Playbooks from Wicked Reports can help with that. Wicked Playbooks aims to address a significant issue that the majority of contemporary analytics platforms share: a lack of direction.

Cohort and LTV Reports:

You’ll learn everything you need to know from this.

  • How to calculate the new lead break-even dates
  • How to accurately estimate the cost of acquiring leads
  • Which paid-media efforts produce the best results?
  • How to view detailed customer LTV information at the level of the ad, keyword, ad set, and email.

ROI Reports:

 You can comprehend ROI Reports with Wicked Playbooks.

  • How to increase the return on investment (ROI) of paid campaigns using patented modeling for a first-click, last-click, linear, new lead, full impact, and re-engaged leads
  • How to assess your natural lead generation
  • How to measure lead re-engagement success at the top, middle, and bottom of the funnel using benchmarks

Marketing Attribution Experts:

Multi-touch marketing attribution for e-commerce, courses, and subscription marketers has been created and reimagined by Wicked Reports. When leads take their time to buy, Google and Wicked Reports built the first smart campaign automation using CRM conversions to enhance marketing ROI.

  • In order to provide multi-channel, reliable view-based conversion monitoring, Facebook teamed with Wicked Reports to construct the first Facebook offline conversion automation utilizing CRM and Sales conversions.
  • Set up offline conversion tracking and use creative attribution models to analyze genuine ROI.

Pros and Cons of SegMetrics vs Wicked reports:


Which advertising platforms are truly generating revenue may be seen much more clearly thanks to segmentation. The user interface currently needs improvement.
It enables us to identify the leads with the highest LTV and profitability.Segmetrics is a paid service, and small firms may find the membership costs to be prohibitive.
Segmetrics is incredibly user-friendly and simple to use.The dashboard for Segmetrics occasionally takes a while to load, which makes it challenging to obtain and evaluate data rapidly.
We may utilize SegMetrics to see the connections between the many marketing channels we employ.Because Segmetrics requires a certain level of technical expertise to operate properly, setting it up might be difficult.
Businesses can use this information to better understand customer preferences, spot industry trends and commercial possibilities, and choose better products. 

Wicked reports

Users of Infusionsoft can have a thorough insight into the effectiveness of their digital advertising strategies.It is less affordable for small businesses or startups.
It is possible to determine which channels are providing the best return on investment through cross-platform attribution.No free trial.
They’ll be able to learn about the return on investment (ROI) of each click, opt-in, and purchase and discover which marketing channels are leading to the greatest conversions.It does not offer any integration with payment processing platforms
To ensure that no issue goes unaddressed, a skilled team offers round-the-clock assistance. 

Cost | SegMetrics vs Wicked reports:

Segmetrics | Segmetrics vs Wicked Reports:

SegMetrics Vs Wicked Reports | Pricing of SegMetrics

Wicked Reports | Segmetrics vs Wicked Reports:

SegMetrics Vs Wicked Reports | Pricing of Wicked Reports

Conclusion | Which One is better? | Segmetrics vs Wicked Reports:

Both SegMetrics vs Wicked Reports have great features and advantages when it comes to choosing the best software for tracking ROI from marketing funnels. Pricing, though, may play a deciding role in a choice. Wicked Reports is substantially more expensive than SegMetrics, which nevertheless offers powerful analytics tools.

Wicked Reports, on the other hand, offers a multitude of features and connectors in addition to sophisticated tracking capabilities. In the end, choosing which software to employ for tracking ROI from marketing funnels requires each company to take into account its own unique requirements. Given the wonderful alternatives provided by both solutions, it can be required to test out the two items before determining which one is best for your company.

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