Risky Business Costume | You Will Love

Risky Business Costume | You Will Love

The Risky Business Costume is a collection of Halloween costumes that features various outfits from various genres. It’s a great way to dress up for Halloween while also being able to express yourself and your sense of humor.

The Risky Business costume is an outfit that allows you to be a character from the Risky Business movie. There are few things more iconic in the 80s than Tom Cruise’s white shirt and red suspenders get-up in Risky Business. The outfit represents a freewheeling, “prince of darkness” mentality, which was particularly popular during the Reagan administration. Here’s all you need to know to create the ideal Risky Business costume to unleash your inner Cruise for Halloween or a costume party.

The Risky Business;

Risky Business Costume

Tom Cruise and Rebecca De Mornay are the stars of the 1983 American adolescent comedy Risky Business, which was written and directed by Paul Brickman (in his feature film debut). The movie touches on issues like consumerism, losing innocence, growing up, and capitalism. “The Risky Business,” which became known as Cruise’s signature movie, was a critical and financial triumph, earning over $ 63 million on a $ 6.2 million budget.

Risky Business outfits;

An outfit can be defined as a set of clothes worn together, especially for a particular occasion or purpose. The Risky Business outfits are a great way to get a great look at the movie. These outfits are all very similar to the ones worn in the film. 

Several film characters wore weird but astonishing outfits that became the identity of the risky business. As the movie revolves around, Ecstatic, when his parents leave on vacation for a few days, high school senior Joel Goodsen (Tom Cruise) cuts loose with his best friend, Miles. After an attempt at securing the services of a prostitute goes slightly awry, Joel hires gorgeous Lana (Rebecca De Mornay) for a night of delight. Stunned by the amount of Lana’s “bill” the following day, Joel grows frantic after he crashes his father’s Porsche. A desperate Joel turns the house into a brothel to raise money fast.

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Risky Business Outfit Ideas/Guide;

Here is a short guide if you want to dress up like risky business costume characters:

Joel Goodson’s Outfit Guide;

Risky Business Costume

Joel Goodson has appeared in several movies wearing a variety of attire. He constantly changes his attire to meet his environment or circumstances. However, the character sports several recognizable and entertaining clothes that viewers of the film will always recall when thinking about Joel Goodson.

One of the most remarkable outfits in the dancing scene is when he is wearing a white shirt to “Good Time Rock and Roll”. To complete the Tom Cruise costume from Risky Business, here are the main elements you’ll need:

  • Oversized White Dress Shirt

Wear a pink or white shirt without any sweatshirt. If you have any light-colored shirts with strips in your wardrobe, you can wear that also.

  • White Yoga Shorts

Choose a short pair of white shorts to wear to the party rather than dressing up and wearing real white boxers. But if you want to have the ultimate Tom’s look, then you can go for short white pants.

  • Knee-High White Crew Socks

Turn up the heat with a pair of white knee-high crew socks.

  • Gold Trophy or Candle Holder

To complete the whole look, you have to take a gold trophy or candle stand in your hands to give the concept of the mic.

Another Outfit in the same song includes the following elements;

Risky Business Costume
  • Black shirt;

Wear any black shirt or T-shirt from your wardrobe or can also go and buy a new one if you don’t have any.

  • Grey Coat;

Get a grey-colored casual coat, as seen in the movie worn but Tom Cruise.

  • Blue denim;

You can wear blue colored jeans or denim pants on them.

  • A pair of sunglasses;

The sunglasses Tom Cruise wore in the film were a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers.

Risky Business Costume Mandela Effect;

The Mandela Effect is a group of people realizing they remember something differently than is generally known to be fact. For example

 The Berenstain Bears are spelled as “Berenstein” – The country of Sri Lanka is spelled as “Serendipity” – The actor Sinbad starring in a movie called “Shazaam” (which doesn’t exist)

– The words on the front of classic Nestle chocolate bars read “Nestle Toll House” (they’ve always said “Nestle’s”) So what’s going on here? Are we all just crazy?

 A viewer of the risky business says, I just thought I would share this; we all know the risky business Mandela effect. We all remember him having sunglasses and a WHITE shirt, but now there are no sunglasses, and the shirt is almost pink. I watched this Disney channel show called Jessie with my little sister and me. There was a scene where the kids were home, and one of the kids recreated the scene; he was wearing SUNGLASSES and a WHITE shirt.

Risky Business costumes for girls;

Lana’s Costume;

Risky Business Costume

Lana was Joel’s lover from Risky Business.

T-shirt: Get a pink striped t-shirt similar to what Lana wore in Risky Business.

Jeans: Get a pair of blue colored jeans pant similar to Lana’s to complete the costume.

Why Risky Business Costume is the Perfect for an American Halloween;

Risky Business Costume

Some simple ’80s Halloween costume suggestions may be a bit too simple. Consider Tom Cruise’s performance in 1983’s Risky Business as “Joel Goodsen.” This may have once been the most stereotypical 1980s outfit around. How corny? It appeared in a movie starring Drew Barrymore. However, it’s not challenging to locate an Oxford shirt, some white socks, a pair of Ray-Bans, and a tiny trophy to sing into when a crisis strikes. Having a partner to play “Lana” with never hurts.


In the movie Risky Business, a senior named Joel Goodsen decides to hire a prostitute, and unfortunate events follow. In order to cover his bills, he is compelled to convert his parents’ home into a brothel open for just one night. Everyone enjoys the scene where Joel dances around his house in nothing but his dress shirt and underwear, putting aside the burglary and pimping.

This costume has the benefit of being suitable for both males and girls to rock out in! You just require a large white long-sleeved dress shirt, a pair of extremely short white shorts, long white crew socks, white sneakers, and black eyeglasses. 


What is the risky business costume?

Tom Cruise’s risky business costumes were a set of, black glasses, a striped shirt, white boxers, white socks, and a gold candlestick or trophy.

What is the most inappropriate costume?

A Holocaust victim
Anything involving blackface
Transphobic costumes

What do you wear to a risky business party?

You can wear a long white button-down, white socks, and shorts. Keep it cheap, and keep it classy. But most of all keep in mind, there’s a good chance your clothes will get ruined/not even make it home with you so just have fun with them.

What are the 3 most popular costumes?

The most-searched costume idea was a classic

What is inappropriate attire?

Too revealing, think low tops, high slits, short skirts or shorts, backless or strapless tops, sheer, undergarments or lack thereof showing, etc., Not aligned with the “corporate uniform” (think blue suits at IBM), and. Not aligned with the organization’s vibe (e.g., wearing a suit when everyone else is in goth).

What is the number 1 costume?

Witch costumes continue to be the most popular across states, with “witch” being one of the top-searched costumes in 18 states.

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