How to Support Your Friend's Small Business? Free & Paid

How to Support Your Friend’s Small Business? Free & Paid

Starting and running a business is a journey that is both difficult and rewarding. Small business owners are juggling many moving elements and conflicting priorities. You can have a significant impact on this process and the success of the small business by being that person’s buddy. Frequently, friends and family serve as an entrepreneur’s first customer, focus group, and test group. Small business owners cherish their friend’s contributions to their companies whether they admit it or not.

Your friend can start a small business, like starting a bakery, or becoming a plumber, artist or electrician, or life coach, and also organize a cafe. The best way to support your friend’s small business is to patronize their products or services. This can help them to continue to operate and grow their business. Additionally, you can offer your support by telling your friends about their business and recommending their services to others. Here I will help you with some tips that will help you for sure;

  • How to support your friend’s business without money
  • How to support your friend’s business with money

10 Tips on How To Support Your Friend’s Small Business For Free:

Here are the 10 tips to support your friend’s small business for free,

1) Teach Them Small Business Strategies:

How to Support Your Friend's Small Business? Free & Paid - Teach Them Small Business Strategies

The main thing to remember is to provide valuable information that your friend could use. Don’t tell him how to do his business. Instead, teach him how to do it correctly. When you teach him something about his business, he will realize you are helping him. He will appreciate you and will make you a part of his business. You should make small talk with your friend about small Business strategies. You should tell them how to grow their business, as well as how to make a profit. You should also help them to set a goal.

2) Share Their Social Media And Post Photos on Your Pages:

How to Support Your Friend's Small Business? Free & Paid 2) Share Their Social Media And Post Photos on Your Own Pages:

Post photos of your friend’s products and services on your accounts and tag them to promote their business. Help them to create a special offer to promote their products. Post about them in different business groups or even in friend groups, meanwhile wherever it seems helpful.

On Instagram:

If you’re a blogger friend, you know that reaching out to customers is key to success. Promote your business on Instagram through posts, stories, or reels, whatever seems helpful, and try to use hashtags to reach a wider audience.

On Facebook:

The same goes with Facebook; post stories or photos of their marketing posters or show their products to your Facebook friends or tell them about the services they are offering. Or just liking and leaving comments helps your friend’s small business immensely.

On Pinterest:

When you PIN their products to your Pinterest boards, this will help people who follow you to see what they have to offer.

Other social media platforms:

Like Twitter, youtube, google websites, etc, post everywhere to help them to grow faster.

3) Write Reviews About Their Products/Services:

How to Support Your Friend's Small Business? Free & Paid 3) Write Reviews About Their Products/Services:

One of the finest ways to support your friend’s small business. Online reviews now take the role of conventional “word of mouth” promotion. Before making a purchase, seven out of ten shoppers examine internet reviews. Because of this, reviewing is crucial. A good review on their website, Google Plus, Angie’s List, Yelp, or another platform might work wonders. Remember that it doesn’t have to be flawless; it just has to be flattering.

4) Tell Your Friends And Family About Their Business:

Spreading the word about your friend’s company whenever possible is quite beneficial. Since they may not have much money for marketing when they first start out, word of mouth may be their primary source of income. When you get the opportunity, bring them up in conversation whenever you can! This may occur at work or over coffee with colleagues who might be equally interested in what they do.

5) Be Kind and Patient with Them/ Encourage them;

Your business owner friend is already tackling so many ups and downs  It’s understandable that your business owner friend is feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Encourage them to take some time for themselves and recharge their batteries. Tell them you’re there for them if they need to talk. It would be best if you said to them that taking some time for yourself can help recharge your batteries and help you feel more confident and productive. If you need to talk, I’m here for you.

6) Introduce Them to Others You Know Who Might End Up Being Clients or Business Partners:

It is a wonderful blessing to know someone who can provide counsel, encouragement, or even potential business connections. It can make a big difference to let them know about possible clients you are aware of or to put them in touch with a friend who might be an excellent business partner. Their development may be sped up by knowing the proper individuals who can move you from point A to point B.

7) Offer Your Time and Skills:

How to Support Your Friend's Small Business? Free & Paid 7) Offer Your Time and Skills:

Offering your time to entrepreneurs can be a huge help. You can offer to help around the house, babysit the kids, or run errands. Entrepreneurs normally try to do one hundred things at once, so helping take things off their plate is a big help.

It’s common for business owners to struggle to find enough independent contractors. You can help a friend out and save them money if you are good at math, a graphic designer, or great with computers; your skills can be a huge asset to their business. You’ll be helping them expand their company and possibly gaining some additional recognition in the process.

8) Handover Your Promotional Flyers Wherever You Go:

How to Support Your Friend's Small Business? Free & Paid 8) Handover Your Promotional Flyers Wherever You Go:

Please put them in common areas like your office, coffee point, etc. Post them at events, Distribute them in your office among your colleagues and friends and ask them to distribute them to their common friends and give them to people you know. Send them electronically on WhatsApp or Facebook. You can help them by distributing;

  • Marketing pamphlets
  • Business cards 
  • Brochure

9) Give Them Genuine Feedback Regarding Their Business;

It’s not always simple for business owners to receive honest feedback on their operations.   It may be quite beneficial to have a reliable buddy who can offer candid comments and suggestions without running the risk of losing a client. You might be of great assistance to them by offering suggestions on how to strengthen their marketing approach, fresh product concepts, or open feedback on their goods or services. Having fewer blind spots on the road ahead, thanks to honest feedback on what you do. After all, what elevates us from excellent to great is criticism and learning from mistakes.

10) Offer Them a Place to Live and Do Pray For Them:

The financial difficulties of starting a business may be huge. You never know when anything may go wrong, and your startup funds might vanish. You’d be doing them a great favor if you allowed them to remain at your house if they have no other financial choices.

Pray for them as they are going through hard times. Ask God to bless them, heal them, and give them the strength to carry on.

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8 tips On How to Support Your Friend’s Small Business With Money:

Here are the best 8 paid tips to support your friend’s small business,

1) Buy Goods or Services From Them:

How to Support Your Friend's Small Business? Free & Paid 1) Buy Goods or Services From Them:

You can help your friend’s business by buying goods or services from them. You can help your friend’s business by purchasing goods or services from them. This can help them to grow their business and improve their bottom line.

2) Don’t Ask for Discounts Even Don’t Expect Them:

How to Support Your Friend's Small Business? Free & Paid 2) Don't Ask for Discounts Even Don't Expect Them:

The way, you can’t go into a regular store and ask for a discount if you happen to “know” the person checking you out, and you wouldn’t receive a discount if you purchased 10 pairs of earrings instead of one, so don’t do that to the small business owners, most likely those who are friends of yours. Simply don’t put them in that position. It’s not cool.

3) Give Them Business Loans:

If you are an established entrepreneur, you must also favor your friend by giving him business loans. But you have to deal professionally, you can’t favor all the time. Do help your friend but professionally and sensibly.

4) Set Up a Regular Monthly Donation to the Entrepreneur’s Business:

Whether it’s $10 or $500, you may set up an automatic monthly payment to ensure that you’re constantly giving back. Your modest monthly gift can assist your business-owning friend with their finances, cover marketing costs, or even just put food on the table. A wonderful method to help your friend’s company is to set up monthly recurring purchases or donations.

5) Cook Them a Meal:

How to Support Your Friend's Small Business? Free & Paid 5) Cook Them a Meal:

You can give your friend the gift of time and a hearty meal by cooking them a meal or bringing them leftovers. Every dollar they make often goes back into their firm unless they have saved a substantial chunk of money. You’ll be doing them a great favor whether they use the extra time to unwind or to complete more work.

6) Host a Launching Party for Them:

How to Support Your Friend's Small Business? Free & Paid 6) Host a Launching Party for Them:

If you are well-settled and have a huge circle of people around you, you can help your friend by throwing a launch event to promote your friend’s services or products and make people aware of them.

7) Purchase the Highest-Paid Product If you Can’t Afford it, Then:

Group up and embrace! Although buying an expensive product would mean a lot to the receiver, it can be out of your economic range. Support a small business owner collectively by working together. Gather up your friends and ask the to contribute and then go and purchase.

8) Pay On Time:

How to Support Your Friend's Small Business? Free & Paid 8) Pay On Time:

Cash flow is an issue for small enterprises. Pay back friends quickly for their goods and services. Avoid becoming the person who demands free items from a friend’s store.


Even amid the turmoil and overwhelming burden of starting and maintaining a business, friends and family may serve as a support network to assist business owners in managing stress, retaining perspective, and enhancing work-life balance. Apart from emotional assistance, family and friends’ financial support and investments are frequently advantageous to company owners. Financial assistance may be a lifeline during difficult times or help businesses build a solid company foundation.


Small enterprises achieve stability through a network of links that includes financial support, emotional support, and friendship. Based on answers from 1,037 small company owners nationwide. The report’s main conclusions about the assistance of family and friends are listed below.

  1. Financial support. The survey found that 70% of business owners have plans to acquire funding for their businesses.
  2. Partnerships in and out of business. The report found that 46% of business owners are in business with a spouse or partner.
  3. Moral support. According to the Bank of America report, family and friend support significantly contributes to business owners’ motivation and excitement for the future. Volunteering and providing business referrals are other nonfinancial ways friends and family can support a small business owner.


A small business has to rely on its networks to get a big advantage. Business owners are more likely to achieve the success they seek if they can create networks among family members, friends, and associates. This is because they know what others need and what they are looking for. They can provide what is needed and share the results.

If you want to support your friend’s small business, you can suggest that he or she form a network with others who can provide the necessary support. You can also recommend that they learn how to make friends with others and learn new skills to support themselves and their businesses. It is possible that they could start to sell their services and products to others.


What three things do you do to help your friends?

1) Pay attention and keep calm.
2) Don’t criticize them or their problems.
3) Support one another; remember that you are not alone.

What can I say to support someone’s business?

1. “Chase the vision, not the money. The money will end up following you.”
2. “Support your friend’s small businesses and progressions like you support celebrities you don’t know.”
3. “A small business is an amazing way to serve and leave an impact on the world you live in.”

How can I help a friend when they need me the most?

Here are some pointers for keeping these connections: Express your gratitude. Tell your loved ones how much they mean to you and express your gratitude for all they do. Use email, SMS, and phone calls to stay in contact.

How do you encourage friends in business?

1. Start the conversation by asking what they’re doing and how they’re doing
2. Listen without judgment, and let them know you’re interested in hearing more
3. Encourage them to seek support whenever they need your advice or help will be available.
4. Feed their mind with positive and refreshing thoughts and ideas
5. Follow up with them every day.

How can we motivate customers to support small businesses?

Special Discounts, Coupons, and Offers Sharing a unique deal, like a coupon or discount code, is a fantastic way to draw customers in. This may be accomplished by publishing the offer on your social media pages and informing your followers that they can present the post-in-store to receive a certain discount.

What are the 3 types of support all people need?

1. Emotional.
2. Instrumental.
3. Informational.

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