Best digital Marketing Agency in Ludhiana

Best digital Marketing Agency in Ludhiana

Ludhiana is a city that has the necessary infrastructure and resources for the IT sector. The improvement of inter-state connections is a major priority for the government. The economy of the city is based on some internal connectivity. The city is home to a significant hub for the growth of IT services and other associated businesses. The liberation of digital marketing there was the result of everything. Professional services in digital marketing are provided to companies so they may advertise online using search, social media, and sponsored forms of media. These services don’t consider how to advertise your company through conventional methods or media.

Businesses must realize that the “digital sector” is the new face of marketing and that the potential of digital marketing is growing daily to offer far more to businesses than it does already. Businesses use these digital platforms and services to promote their brands and rank better in search results. In order to extend and boost your company’s total visibility, it is crucial to use the power of digital marketing in today’s world with the help of a digital marketing agency. If you are a Ludhiana-based entrepreneur and want to consult an agency around you, I have already sorted the best Digital Marketing Agency in Ludhiana.

What is a digital marketing agency?

A company that specializes only in marketing to customers via digital platforms is known as a digital marketing agency. This includes developing and implementing campaigns for business clients across a variety of platforms, including social media, pay-per-click marketing, videos, and websites.

Moreover, A digital agency is a company you work with to outsource your digital marketing initiatives rather than managing internally. They may provide your company a range of digital solutions to sell your goods or services online, assist you in achieving your marketing objectives, and help your company expand.


Before concluding the service, keep the following in mind:

Set a budget:Before choosing any digital marketing services in Ludhiana, we would suggest you set your budget
Identify your needs:You may limit your options even more by being aware of your marketing needs.
Verify the agency’s online presenceBy researching them online, you may get a general idea of what they can offer your company.
Learn about their working process.You will benefit from knowing how they intend to accomplish your marketing goals and report to you.
Reviews and TestimonialsCross-verify using many sources, such as evaluations on Facebook, Google, or even their prior customers.

5 Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Ludhiana:

Here are some of the major Digital Marketing Agency in Ludhiana:

1. Digital Kangaroos:

One of the top digital marketing agency in Ludhiana, Digital Kangaroos was founded in 2017 and offers services for both small and large businesses. They provide your business with the most innovative solutions for digital marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, PPC, and SEM. They offer solutions based on your business and your needs and guarantee a higher ROI. They have 

  • Done more than 500 projects 
  • Are 15+ Team Members
  • Received 5 Award
Services OfferedCompany Motive
Web Design & Development Search Engine Optimization App Design & Development Digital Marketing Content Marketing Influencer Marketing Pay Per Click Graphic Designing Catalog Designing Product Photography Videography Product Packaging  Escalating the website traffic using website designing, search engine optimization, and social media marketing. Generating higher revenues with a smooth customer experience and higher call-to-action rate. Maintaining a profitable ROAS on the paid channels. Provides effective and engaging digital solutions Have proficiency in digital marketing Always deliver the promised outcomes They respect your concerns and your money.

Contact Details

Phone: +91 98148 20845

Address: SCO-4, 1st Floor, Omaxe Royal Residency, Ludhiana, Punjab 142022



2. Bangaree:

Bangaree Infotech Solutions is another Digital Marketing Agency in Ludhiana and has been a business offering expert services in Ludhiana, India since 2009 in fields including web development, software, applications, and SEO services. They think SEO is a crucial component of expanding your audience and making your business stand out in the marketplace. They employ a group of the greatest experts in the industry of digital marketing that are constantly driven to give their customers the best outcomes. They have about

  • 330 Active Customers
  • 850 + Projects Done
  • 25 + Team Advisors
Services Offered Company’s Motive
Online Reputation Management Search Engine Optimization Website Design and Development Pay Per Click Advertisement Copywriting and Content Marketing Social Media Marketing Video Marketing Services Conversion Rate Optimization Mobile App Marketing App Store OptimizationRadical Integrity Our people truly care for our work and for each other. People First We believe that culture will build a thriving company. Process Perfection We’re driven to become the best version of ourselves.

Contact Details

Phone: +91 96467 63103

Address: Street No-3, GTB Nagar, Near Veer Palace, Ludhiana, Punjab



3. Fly media technology:

Digital marketing services are among the various services that Fly Media Technology offers as a Digital Marketing Agency in Ludhiana. They are experts in digital marketing, website design, and app development. One of the top social media marketing companies has its base of operations in Ludhiana. They possess the appropriate knowledge and abilities needed for your company to succeed on the particular social media platforms tailored to your needs. They are true when they say that social media enables you and your brand to genuinely target the target market that social media applications have established for your company.

Services OfferedCompany’s Motive
Digital Marketing Web Marketing Email Marketing Web Design & Development Search Engine Optimization Social Media Optimization Social Media Marketing Pay Per Click Content WritingThe world of online marketing is keeping everyone on their toes to take the business toward the next step. In this entire phase, the digital marketing professional assistance will make a huge difference in boosting ROI and processing the suitable leads correctly. Policy for Technology Quality Objectives Customer-driven quality Continuous learning, Quality Goods and Services

Contact Details

Phone: +91 98884 84310

Address: Plot no, 20, Vishal Nagar Ext, opposite Kashish Cafe, Vishal Nagar, Jawaddi Taksal, Ludhiana, Punjab 141001



4. D-clouds:

One of the top digital marketing agency in Ludhiana is the D-clouds that also functions as a qualified SEO consultant. They currently have a clientele from India, Canada, the US, the UK, UAE, Singapore, and Australia after more than five years of expertise. They put a lot of effort into providing their clients with solutions to boost leads and sales, differentiate the brand in the market, and save marketing expenses. They help small and medium-sized businesses establish themselves online as a brand in the global marketplace by offering professional consulting services on SEO, PPC, and social media advertising.

  • The number of Employees is almost 49.
Services OfferedCompany’s Motive
Social Media Marketing Paid Advertising Search Engine Optimization Web Design Services Conversion Rate Optimization Content Marketing Copywriting Pay Per Click  Website Traffic Link Building Services Blogging Services Guest Post ServicesThey have one simple strategy is no-nonsense, no big talks, no secrets, and no commitments, and our philosophy is crystal clear “if we just do the right thing something good will definitely come out of it”. Success has no date, no day, and no target. We only need the courage to start and the passion to keep going and results definitely come at the right time. They work in the right direction to drive results and the results are reflected in analytics and dashboards. They also focus on receiving higher CTR driven by values from target audiences for your business 

Contact Details

Phone: +91  9888 720621

Address: #74, Jain Real Estate, Bahamian Kalan, Ludhiana, Punjab 141015



5. Antiex solutions:

Another top digital marketing agency in Ludhiana is Antiex Solutions. It favors quantity over quality. They have the greatest web designers, web developers, digital marketers, and SEO professionals on their team. For their clients’ problems, they work and develop original concepts and solutions. They also have a specialized internal web design team, which is another distinguishing feature. They put forth a lot of effort and strive to be a top-notch web design firm. In addition to the aforementioned list of digital marketing services, they furthermore provide specialized services in graphic design, web development, and app development.

Services OfferedCompany’s Motive
Search Engine Optimization Content Marketing Social Media Marketing Email Marketing Affiliated Marketing Pay Per Click advertising Local Seo & Marketing Conversion Rate Optimization Ecommerce MarketingA Strategy For Succeeding Online Drive High-Quality Traffic Conversions & Customer Retention

Contact Details

Phone: +91 96466 73313

Address: #3314, Hari Kartar Colony, Ganesh Nagar, Ludhiana, Punjab 141008



The Role of a Digital Marketing Agency:

It is crucial to have the knowledge of roles before visiting one,  you require knowledge about what a digital marketing agency in Ludhiana can do for you. In what ways that individual can help you and many more things to learn, here are some of the roles that an agency is required to play:

  • A digital marketing firm is essential to assisting businesses with their online product and service promotion.
  • Many businesses would find it difficult to establish an online presence and connect with their target market without the assistance of a digital marketing firm.
  • A digital marketing agency may assist a business in building a website, optimizing it for search engines, and developing targeted online marketing campaigns.
  • A digital marketing agency may also assist in tracking the effectiveness of online marketing initiatives and making the required corrections.

Services Provided by Digital Marketing Agency:

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

 SEO is the most popular digital agency service and many digital marketing services start with SEO as their core offering.

On-Page SEO: Off-Page SEO: Local SEO:eCommerce SEO:  Keyword Research: SEO Audits:

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2. Facebook Ads Management:

Some typical deliverables of Facebook Ads services include:

  • Running paid campaigns and Optimizing performance / reducing ads costs
  • Curating content and creatives for your ads and Monthly reporting

3. Social Media Marketing Services:

Social media platforms offer pre-built communities and an engaged audience base, which greatly increases the effectiveness of targeting and advertising.

  • Copywriting and graphic design to make content for different social media channels
  • Creating a content calendar, customer profiles, and personas
  • Crafting a social media marketing strategy

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4. Google Ads Management:

 The following digital marketing firms provide services for Google Ads:

  • Launching campaigns and Playing around with various ad types
  • Keeping track of and improving campaign performance and Updating the campaign’s status

5. Content Marketing Services:

The following important topics are covered by content marketing services:

  • Making a content marketing strategy to meet a company’s content demands is known as content strategy.
  • Writing content includes producing things like blogs, tales, articles, e-books, and white papers.

6. Link Building Services:

The following link-building techniques are in the list of digital marketing services:

  • Guest posting, Outreach
  • Unlinked mentions, Broken link building, Relationship building

7. Email Marketing Services:

For email marketing, it’s important to concentrate on a few essential aspects, including:

  • Building a mailing list and expanding it and communities and sending interesting emails
  • Monitoring and reporting email performance

8. Conversion Optimization Services:

Among the services for conversion optimization are:

  • Analyze websites in-depth and in-depth
  • Obtain visitor input through surveys, questionnaires, or interviews, Identifying feedback and analysis-based sales funnel breaches

9. Website Development Services:

There are several key areas where web developers from digital marketing agency in Ludhiana might assist you:

  • Offer the appropriate CMS to build your website
  • Create the website’s wireframe, sitemap, page layouts, and designs for landing pages.

10. Digital Marketing Training Services:

Many digital Marketing Agency in Ludhiana give customers training in digital marketing through their in-house digital marketing academy. Clients will especially benefit from this since it makes them aware of all the benefits that digital marketing can provide for their company. Through the selling of online courses, academies may make more money.

What factors make a digital marketing agency The Best?

These factors help you make the best digital marketing agency if you are considering one or wanting to establish one:

  • Business and Marketing Expertise
  • Marketing Specialists
  • Contagious Passion
  • Effective Tools
  • Customer Focused
  • Happy Clients
  • A Communication Plan
  • Creative Storytelling
  • A Business Focus


Ludhiana is home to a significant hub for the growth of IT services and other associated businesses. The liberation of digital marketing there was the result of everything. Professional services in digital marketing agency in Ludhiana are provided to companies so they may advertise online using search, social media, and sponsored forms of media. Many digital marketing services start with search engine optimization (SEO) as their core offering. Facebook Ads services and Email marketing services are followed with Website development services including creating a website’s wireframe, sitemap, page layouts, and landing pages.

Digital Kangaroos was founded in 2017 and offers services for both small and large businesses. Bangalore Infotech Solutions has been offering expert digital Marketing services in Ludhiana, India since 2009. The company specializes in web development, software, applications, and SEO services. Fly Media Technology is one of the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Ludhiana. They possess the knowledge and abilities needed for your company to succeed on the particular social media platforms tailored to your needs. Digital marketing services are among the various services that Fly Media Technology offers as a digital marketing agency in Ludhiana.


Which company is best for digital marketing in india?

Here are the top 10 Digital Marketing Companies in India.5 of them I have already explained above and some others are:
The NineHertz.
HCL Technologies

How much do digital marketers charge per hour?

Most freelance marketers charge anywhere from $50 to $200 per hour, depending on their skills and experience. Other factors that may influence how much a freelance marketer makes include Their reputation with other businesses they’ve worked with in the past.

What are the 5 most popular types of digital marketing?

Digital marketing can be broadly broken into 8 main categories including:
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Content Marketing
Email Marketing
Mobile Marketing
Marketing Analytics
Affiliate Marketing.

What are the 4 goals of digital marketing?

Some key objectives throughout a digital marketing strategy are:
Conversion/sales: That is a commercial success.
Consideration: That is evaluating if the product or brand meets your needs.
Awareness: This is about audience reach.
Retention: This enables you to establish customer engagement

What is the monthly salary of a digital marketer?

The average salary for a Digital Marketing Manager in India is 6.4 Lakhs per year (₹53.3k per month). Salary estimates are based on 11846 salaries received from various Digital Marketing Managers across industries.

Is digital marketing costly?

With digital marketing, a lot of your costs are low. Things like email campaigns, social media interactions, posts, and website content cost you nearly nothing to produce. When your customers come to you through these channels, your CAC is negligible.

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